She May Be Small, But Her Talent For Writing Is Not

Quiet and poised, Logan Brindle came to into her first day of the Virginian-Pilot Journalism Program confident, yet humble.                                                                 

Logan is a 16-year-old rising junior at Churchland High School in Portsmouth. She became interested in journalism as a freshman, when her English teacher mentioned his efforts to restart a journalism class at the school. Logan took the journalism class the following year.

She also discovered journalism through “Gilmore Girls,” which features a student journalist. Logan said she had already enjoyed writing fiction, but had not experienced writing nonfiction. During her journalism class, she said she learned that she greatly enjoyed reporting and writing for the school paper.

In her spare time, Logan said she enjoys watching shows like “Sherlock,” “Supernatural,” and “Parks and Recreation.” She enjoys many movies too; her favorites are “The Breakfast Club,” the “Back To The Future” trilogy, and the original “Peter Pan.” Logan is also a big “Lord Of The Rings” fan.  She enjoys music, but most enjoys music from the ’50s. She is a big Elvis Presley fan, and listens to many albums from the era on her record player.

Besides listening to music, she enjoys playing music, too. Logan has been a cellist since middle school, and also sings and plays ukulele.

In school, Logan said she is very driven. She is challenging herself to take Advanced Placement Calculus. She hopes to go to Boston University or Harvard, or some other New England college, although she is not sure what she wants to study.

Logan also is very involved in her school. She is her class president, a position that she said gives her the power to lead her class, and gives her class opportunities to have fun school events.

“I always heard people saying ‘Oh I hope we don’t have to do that,’ and I wanted to make sure that we did fun things,” she said.

Logan is on the school field hockey team, too, and has played field hockey since elementary school.

Her social life is like any other teenager’s: she said she has a group of good friends and does not usually go out of that group.

Her mother, Nannette Brindle, says that at home and with her friends, Logan is quite loquacious. “She never shuts up at home!” her mother said. “To get her to stop talking, we take her out in public … She’s always quiet around people she doesn’t know.”