Growth Through Faith

Ask Rose Stanphill about the art tournament she participated in, the sports she plays, or if she enjoys playing the piano, and her eyes light up.  What makes her eyes sparkle, lean forward in her chair and speak faster, however, is her religion.  

Rose, 16, attends StoneBridge School in Chesapeake, which uses a Christian-faith curriculum The school is the center of life and activity for Rose.

Rose’s faith is important to her. She prays daily and relies on devotionals and spiritual passages to deal with daily strife.

“For me, as a Christian, without Christ in my life, I couldn’t survive, society, stress,” Rose said. “I have to have Christ in my life.”

StoneBridge is small and Rose’s class consists of nine rising juniors. Rose came to the school in sixth grade and believes that the modest size of the school makes for better and stronger relationships among students and teachers.

Classes often have class parties, where the whole class gets together, which demonstrates the close-knit environment, said friend Olivia Damron.

           Olivia said Rose is very smart, loyal, and open to new things.

StoneBridge also feeds Rose’s athletic passions of volleyball and track. Last year, she competed in state competition in the 300-meter hurdle event.  In addition, Rose has taken introductory art classes and has won tournaments such as the Metro Art Tournament.

Rose says she has grown spiritually as well as academically at StoneBridge.

While Rose is involved with many activities, she always remembers her faith and how school is the center of both.