Laura's Heart

Photo By: Marlon McKay

There is a lot that composes Laura Philion from her love of both reading and writing to her wanting collecting souvenir shot glasses, but who is Laura? At 17, Laura has accomplished many things, from being part of the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society, to being a published author in the Creative Communications Poetry Contest when she was 12.  

A rising senior at Maury High School, Laura’s favorite subjects are psychology, history and English. She also said she has a love for reading, and her interests range from fantasy to astrophysics. She challenges her mental abilities, taking three Advanced Placement courses last year and five AP courses this upcoming school year.  

“She’s really smart and hardworking and she also cares a lot for others,” said Libby Philion, Laura’s younger sister.

Laura possesses a strong spirit that helps break through barriers that would undoubtedly hinder others. For example most kids who have moved 11 times in 17 years would find it difficult to stay connected with the different friends that they have made. Libby said “it’s made her better at meeting new people and at adapting to new places.”

Laura manages to stay connected with these childhood friends over 2000 miles away. “I know a girl who lives outside Seattle and we’ve been friends since I was 9,” she said. “Off the top of my head she’s the closest friend I have.”

From all the friends that she has made, they can all agree on her passions in life. “I know one of her passions is writing, and I would say another is social justice,” Libby said. The younger Philion said her sister has participated in many events for social justice.

She walked in the women’s march in Washington, D.C., in January. “It was so packed in the streets  you almost couldn’t move, and it was cold!” she said. She said she had fun “waving signs and just being there.”.

Laura said that there is still much change needed in the world, such as “raising awareness and education” for such these issues. “My political views really shine through if I write an essay about something for school,” she said.  

When she isn’t writing an essay for school Laura creates her own stories. “Writing and telling stories has always been something I’ve really been drawn to.” she said. Her stories would be futuristic, include science-fiction or a dystopian setting. She used to cover her walls with “In depth crazy weird maps” that kept expanding with the years. Laura even bought her own book of baby names so that she could name her different characters in her story.  

As for the future, Laura said she is inspired by her parents. “I wanna get at least a master’s degree,” she said — like her mother. After high school, she wants to attend Bryn Mawr College and wants to have a career in journalism.