Rhiannon's Photos: The deeper meaning behind what I see (for some anyways)




This photograph represents Leading Line technique in which the railing leads the eyes to the sky. Funny thing about this picture, I could not see the screen of my phone. So it was kind of a blind take. But I like the way in which the light hits the flower, it kind of reminds me of when I was feeling extremely depressed after a friend of mine committed suicide and suddenly I found my light in some of the most unexpected ways.



This was taken very near to the Chrysler Museum of Art. It kind of reminds me of a realtor's photo of a house for sale. It took a lot of shifting around to get the pole and it's No Parking sign out of the shot. But I like the contrast of the pink flowers on the brown house.




Shelly and I were photo buddies for this assignment and we went down Brambleton towards this bridge and I had been under it before with a friend, we were taking a walk and decided to do some exploring. Low and behold we had found the underside of this bridge which had a running trail going right below it. Unfortunately, it looks like some homeless people may have been living there at some point, but these pigeons took residence there and I just liked how the silhouette of the bird looked against the water.



Shelly was taking a picture of the road in this shot and I was trying to get a shot of her, arms up in the air with her phone in her hands, until a large Electric company truck started lumbering up the road and she had to run to get out of the way.




This photo was an accident. I think I had my camera open on my phone and accidentally hit the button while trying to avoid getting run over by a car. But I kind of like how the lines of the road lead your eyes to nothingness.


This photo shows the Rule of Thirds, in which the flags sit along the first third line going vertically. The flags demand attention at the side of the picture and the clouds give a sort of airy feel to the photo.


The contrast of the red on the white on the green brings a lot of vibrant color to this photograph. The Rule of Thirds plays here as well with the flowers in the upper right hand corner and the vase in the Lower Third.


This photo was taken within the Virginian-Pilot building, in the room which we have been working. It's between the window and the blinds. This technique is Leading Lines, the window trim and blind's edge lead to the back, giving a sense of depth. That sense of depth is a technique called Linear Perspective.

I like the deeper meaning of things, and this picture has a deeper meaning than just what technique I used. The space between the blinds and the window are like my brain, I have anxiety and often times I feel like I am confined within my own mind, the blinds create a barrier between me and the real world and the window is where I can see everyone being human and being happy without their constant stress of messing up. But in reality, the blinds are permeable and I am not actually stuck within my own mind, I just feel like I am. I just have to find the strength to push the blinds away and go out and actually BE in the real world, and actually BE happy, instead of just watching it.