Jordan Houston loves "the worst ideas"

One of Jordan Houston’s favorite things to do is to watch especially horrible basketball and football games. Not just any game qualifies. They have to be laughably bad. Only games with the potential to be featured on “Tosh.O,” a Comedy Central show that provides pop culture commentary, make the cut.

His love of sports generates from his quirky sense of humor, he said.

“Oh, I love Tim Duncan,” the 16-year-old said. “He’s such a boring player.”

Jordan, a rising junior at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, said humor is what brings him and his friends together. Jordan lost a bet four years ago and did not back out of the punishment -- he had to watch the entire first season of “My Little Pony” and nothing else until he finished.

Now that he’s done with his bet, Houston likes to catch up on the news, social media, his subscriptions on YouTube and podcasts.

He is currently listening to “The Worst Idea of All Time,” a podcast where two guys watch the same movie every week for a year. Jordan likes how interesting it is to see how viewing the same movie over and over has an effect on the two men commenting in the podcast. His friends appreciate Jordan’s sense of humor.

“We have very similar ways of making terrible jokes” said friend Evan Sciacchatano.


Hope Weaver is a rising senior at Cox High School in Virginia Beach.