How to write a great social media post

Want to write engaging tweets, snaps and posts? We have a few tips.

First, engagement refers to action and interaction that users have with posts. That includes retweeting or sharing a post; liking or favoriting a post; replying to or commenting on a post; and, of course, clicking on a link in a post. Many factors can affect engagement: timing; voice and tone; competition from other news, conversations or events.


The best tweets include:

  • A photo or video
  • A hashtag — especially important with sports events
  • A quote — especially important with news stories
  • A number
  • A link


The best posts:

  • Share high-quality and eye-catching images. It’s about quality, not quantity.
  • Include hashtags (within reason)
  • Include mentions of other users
  • Include a location
  • Include thorough cutlines that enhance the photo and tell a story


The best snaps:

  • Share high-quality content
  • Avoid far-away images
  • Tell a story, and keep that story moving


The best posts:

  • Include photos
  • Include analysis of an event
  • Include a call-to-action, but don’t get greedy. Facebook’s algorithm, which affects who sees what, will ding you for click-bait. That means “click to see more” is a no-no.
  • Include a conversation prompt, such as “tell us about your first trip to the ballpark.”
  • Have thumbnails with links. (That means the content you’re linking to needs a photo.)