Cam'ryn Rascoe on the rise

Busybody senior Cam’ryn Rascoe runs his school newspaper at Warwick High School in Newport News, is the 2016-2017 student representative for the Newport News Public Schools school board, and participates in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Warwick. Those are just the big things. Even with his constant obligations, Cam’ryn’s family and friends say he finds time in to encourage and help others.

“He is very outgoing and his personality in general is unique,” said Tera Meesawan, a friend and classmate of Cam’ryn. “People act a certain way around him because they know he expects more from them.”

He will tell friends about an opportunity they might be interested in and tell them they’ll do great before they even sign on, she said.

“It’s like he already knows what you want and pushes you that extra step.”

Cam’ryn’s stepmom Natalie Madison-Rascoe describes him as an engaging person who has an unswerving love for others.

“Cam’ryn was very advanced for his age and has always been very caring and sweet; he was just a really good kid,” Madison-Rascoe said. “If people need help, he will be there. He just loves humanity and wants to see people do their best.”

Cam’ryn said that is just who he is. He finds joy in their success as well as his own.

“I’m sincerely happy to see them succeed,” Cam’ryn said. “The way I am, I’m just happy to see the world become a better place.”