Logan Reardon: silent busboy, soaring journalist

Logan Reardon, 17, attends Landstown High School in Virginia Beach. He said Landstown is a diverse school, and his favorite part about attending would have to be the people and opportunities presented there. His least favorite thing: apathetic teachers, though he said there aren’t too many of them when compared to the number of teachers who put effort into their students’ education. When it comes to school, Reardon is most interested in journalism; he’s least interested in math.

As a journalist, Reardon enjoys writing editorials. Editorials are great in expression, inspiration, and sparking conversations on various topics, he said. They allow for “one piece of writing to turn into many.” Reardon said his ideal job would be a position at The Washington Post.

Dena Reardon said she is proud of her son for “discovering his gift of writing and diving into journalism.”

Logan Reardon said he thinks people remember him as someone who is both quiet and overly nice. He says this may be because he tries not to offend others.

Dena Reardon said her son’s defining trait would be “worrier.” “He is very concerned about the current state of the world,” she said. She called Logan Reardon “a quiet person who prefers to be behind the scenes until you start talking about current events, world news, and politics.”

If Logan Reardon could offer advice to someone, he said he would quote the movie “Zombieland”: “Enjoy the little things.”

In the way of advice, Dena Reardon urged her son to look into multiple sides of a situation. “Be willing to experience all things in life and not be set on what things should be in your own mind,” she said.

Logan Reardon said that he and his mother are close. Dena Reardon said that her favorite thing to do with her son is eat at Warrior’s Grill. “It’s catch-up time,” she said. Logan Reardon said his favorite restaurant is Warrior’s Grill.

Logan Reardon spends his time playing video games, sleeping and working as a host and busboy at Cheeseburger in Paradise. He plans to attend Tidewater Community College and become a journalist.